I have been working with Erin for 9 months now. I started this journey with Erin with a lot of mom guilt and looking for help finding healthy meal ideas for my family. I have two young children and work full time. I felt like I was letting myself and my family down when it came to cooking in general. I was also on a meal plan that my trainer put me on and I was feeling very bored with the food I was eating. I was finding myself falling off the wagon of yet another diet plan that I couldn’t maintain. I remember my first call with Erin and how she explained that we would work on the cooking and recipe side of things but we would also do some internal work. I remembered thinking that I only needed help with the cooking aspect so I could find some new recipes that I liked. Well was I ever wrong!! I would say that our sessions took a complete 180 from what I thought they would be and am I ever thankful for that! My relationship with food has completely changed. I am not only more confident in the kitchen but more importantly I will never go on a diet again. I no longer restrict certain food, my energy has increased, my cooking skills have improved, and I don’t feel like I am in constant battle with what I should or shouldn’t eat. Erin has changed my life and my way of thinking. If you are on the fence about working with Erin, I highly suggest you invest in yourself. It is the best thing I could have done for myself and my family. Thank you Erin for being the awesome person that you are! 

--Thera S.

Erin is an absolute expert when it comes to making YOU an expert about your own body. She actually cares about her clients and wants you to eat the best for YOU and your body. Plus, she makes theeeee most delicious food at her workshops and through her private chef services. You will not regret working with Erin in any capacity.

--Sophie S.

Erin is a wonderful, uplifting, and inspiring support. Her approach is holistic, utilizing both nutrition and mindfulness, and completely judgement free. I am working with Erin to make meaningful, long term changes that are attainable and at a pace I am comfortable with. I have gained confidence in the kitchen with her amazing recipes catered specifically for me. I feel great, I am eating wonderful, delicious foods, I have let go of the guilt surrounding my food, and I’m starting to make healthy choices because I want to and not because I feel like I have to. I have never been able to stick to a plan, but Erin’s approach is completely different. Her focus on mindfulness has changed the way I see and feel about my food. I am AMAZED with my progress so far. I never thought I would feel excited about being healthy, but Erin and her program have truly inspired me!

-- Stephanie A.

I signed up for Erin’s 90-day Transformational Coaching Program to help gain control over my eating and food choices – and to get support in breaking what I felt were unhealthy bad habits in my life.  What I discovered in working with Erin, is that my issues weren’t so much about food, as they were about learning to be mindful, realizing that guilt serves no purpose in my life and making more of an effort to make healthy decisions every day.  The most profound mindset shift in my life has been to think “what if I am healthy today” and being able to see through that lens now has completely changed things.  I also value the support Erin has provided me in supporting a positive and healthy relationship with food for my young daughter and the endless ideas, recipes and tips she has shared along the way.  I see that my 90 days with Erin are the start of a new journey, and I feel that I have more tools and awareness of what it takes to be successful.  Thank you Erin!

-- Danielle L.

Working with Erin through the coaching sessions has been an incredibly valuable experience for me. I left each session feeling inspired, encouraged, and hopeful that I could feel better and make healthy changes in my life. I came away from the overall experience with a better awareness of how and what to eat, increased respect for my body and health, noticeable changes in my weight and energy, and a binder full of fun and delicious recipes! I also gained increased confidence in my ability to tune into my body’s needs and the ability to be my own expert! These are tools that will help me maintain healthy eating habits, wellness, and true enjoyment of food long after the coaching sessions are finished. Erin’s positive attitude, caring demeanour, and thoughtful approach to coaching was just what I needed during a difficult time in my life, inspiring me to have hope that change is possible and that I am worth the effort that change can sometimes require. I would highly recommend getting in touch with Erin to chat about her coaching approach and what her program can offer you!

-- Laura S.

I’ve always had an interest in healthy eating but I just had no idea how to do it (other than living off of cucumber slices). Working with Erin was a life changing decision! Erin taught me BALANCE without having to kick my mac and cheese cravings to the curb! I learned all the foods my body needs to feel great and how to easily integrate them into everyday eating. Our weekly sessions were so productive and every week I was shocked as to how insightful her lessons and ideas were. She made everything very easy to understand and helped lead me in the right direction with realistic goals. Not only am I more knowledgeable about what food to put in my body everyday - I also learned how to feel stronger mentally! Every recipe and idea she gave me was catered specifically to me which makes it so easy to maintain. Erin guided me to feel more confident with myself as well as what is on my plate! 

--Kaitlin S.

I look forward to my sessions with Erin every week. Not only has she catered to my picky choice in foods, but has also helped me recover from a recently diagnosed health issue. Her immense knowledge on nutrition and creative use of healthy ingredients has made me change the way I eat now. The best part is that the meals have been delicious, soulful and healing. I am hooked!

-- Tehnia A.

I have been working with Erin over the past year and a half and cannot say enough about how amazing my experience has been with her.  She is a wealth of knowledge and has a vast understanding on nutrition,  hormone and overall balance, and mindset shifts in nutrition.  She has transformed my whole family’s approach to nutrition.  Her delicious healthy recipes are easy to prepare, full of nutrients, and enjoyed by our entire family.  Her coaching sessions are always so inspiring, informative, and have helped us tremendously through various phases addressing our shifting nutrition needs whether we needed coaching for a new fitness goal, nutrition during periods of  travel, or just a reset in our day to day nutrition mindset. Erin’s approach has really changed the way we look at food and nutrition and shifted us away from the cheat days, fads, and diets  with a move to an overall healthy lifestyle that allows us to enjoy nutritious food without restrictions.  I would highly recommend Erin to anyone looking for a breakthrough in their approach to nutrition and an overall healthy lifestyle.  

-- Jennifer B.

Wow!  The session I had with Erin was magical to say the least.  She not only was able to provide insight to my cravings, but she opened up a new world to understanding my body in a different way.  I would like to say that I am very in tune with my body, well I thought I was, UNTIL I talked to Erin. I like to avoid stuff that comes up instead of addressing it and Erin helped me to face what was going on head-on.  I knew my session with Erin was the right time to be able to unleash what was going on inside of me not only contributing to my cravings but my plateau in weight loss.  Erin is so down to earth, intuitive, direct, non-judgmental, helpful and understands how your body works with certain foods within all aspects physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. She teaches you how to tune in and what the source of the reasoning for the cravings.  The suggestions she provided was so unique and catered to my needs specifically which continued the work from our session into other realizations and releasing so much of the patterns of the past.  If you are looking for someone that understands you, your body, soul, and FOOD, Erin is your girl! She makes you feel so comfortable and safe to be able to be honest, truthful and unleash your food secrets.  I know you know what I’m talking about! I am so thankful to have been able to work with Erin and I cannot wait to work with her again!!!

-- Jaime P.

Erin is wonderful to work with. She asked a lot of questions regarding my needs around nutrition and meal preparation and then really listened to what I had to say in order to craft customized solutions that worked for me. My experience working with her was revelatory in a few ways, not least of which being how to truly understand the components of a recipe and learning the ways various flavours work together. Plus, her recipes are delicious, which made the work easy!”

-- Heather G.

Erin's instruction and guidance has given me such an improved quality of life. Erin guided me through this process with support, humour and great recipes.  She was always available if I had a question or just needed some morale support.  She is amazing, and so is my health now!

-- Darolyn M.

If you want to save money, eat the healthiest you ever had, have more personal time and enjoy healthy eating, you need to work with Erin. You'll also gain an amazing friend in the process.

-- Sophie G.