food stress intervention

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“i F**ked Up”

Did one small treat turn into a massive binge? Did you overeat when you swore you would be more mindful? Did you eat something that you knew would make you feel awful and now you’re full of guilt? Whatever the situation, if you feel like you f*cked up with your eating, this meditation will help you forgive yourself and move on.

“I can’t stand my body”

Maybe your clothes are feeling uncomfortable. Maybe you saw a picture of yourself that was less-than flattering. Maybe you weighed yourself and are now having a scale-related meltdown. No matter what triggered you, this meditation is for when you are feeling overwhelmed with hatred for your body and the way you look.

“This is too hard”

Do your goals feel so far off that you just want to give up? Do you feel like you are doing all the right things but it’s still not enough? Do you feel like it is just one of those days where it feels like an uphill struggle to take care of your body? If you are feeling like you just can’t “effort” anymore, this meditation is for you.