Have you ever had one of these moments?

  • You are skipping along, feeling great, and then BAM - you look in the mirror the wrong way and suddenly you are a mess of insecurity

  • You are feeling really great with your habits, but then you just couldn’t say no to birthday cake at the office and now you feel like a total failure

  • You swear you are going to eat more mindfully and truly be present, but suddenly one treat turns into a binge and you are overwhelmed with guilt and shame

  • You feel a little uncomfortable in your clothes, and suddenly you are so overwhelmed with self-loathing that you immediately want to start a crazy crash diet

  • You’ve been working hard to change your habits, but you are having one of those days where you just feel like you are getting NOWHERE and want to give up

Trust me, you aren’t alone. I’ve been there, too. Maybe you ate way more than you meant to, got freaked out by the scale, or saw a less-than flattering picture of yourself. Maybe you just feel like your goals are always so far off and wish it didn’t have to feel like such a struggle. Whatever the trigger, the self-loathing shame spiral that happens around food and our bodies can be REAL. Even when you are working on your mindset, trying to ditch diet mentality, and making strides in the self-love department, these situations still come up, and they can be incredibly frustrating.

Even though we want our health journey to be a linear path where every day gets better, the reality is that sometimes we feel like crap. Feel overwhelmed. Take two steps back or hit the brakes, even though we don’t want to. But the good news is, if you have the right tools, you can feel the feels, process the stuff, and then move forward with ease.

That’s where Food Stress Intervention comes in.



Food Stress Intervention is a bundle of resources to help you move forward out of discomfort, stress, and frustration around food, your body, and your health goals. Through a series of journaling exercises and guided meditations you can turn those times of overwhelm into an opportunity for growth, reflection, and expansion.



  • Journalling guide with multiple sections tailored for multiple situations that arise around food and health goals

  • 3 guided meditations designed to help calm and centre you for a variety of scenarios:

    • Post-binge/food guilt

    • Body hate/shame

    • Feeling stuck/struggling with goals



Anyone who is looking to free themselves from the constant cycle of guilt, frustration, and overwhelm surrounding their body and food. While this is something I support my 1:1 clients with every day, maybe you aren’t looking for private coaching right now. Maybe you just need a little extra support for the days when things feel hard. A little extra love in your corner when you feel like you aren’t doing enough. With Food Stress Intervention you will get the resources you need to keep going when the going gets tough.