Your diet drama is not about the food.



you want your health goals to feel effortless, but you’re stuck spinning your wheels

"Everyone thinks I have it all together, but everytime I mess up with my eating I feel like a total failure. Will I ever be able to feel confident and content in my body? I feel like I've tried everything but it's never enough."

"I am wasting so much energy thinking about food. I didn't even enjoy that nice dinner out last night because I was so worried about overeating. I wish I could just enjoy my life and stop worrying about this all the time."

"I’m a smart woman, why can’t I just figure out this healthy eating thing for good? No matter what I try I always seem to end up back at square one. I'm sick and tired of always feeling stuck with my health goals."


You’ve tried playing by the rules.

But it’s the rules that are holding you back.


We’ve spent our entire lives surrounded by messages that have given us some pretty flawed beliefs about health and eating.

The belief that healthy moderation isn’t meant to come easily, and food will always be an enemy in need of controlling.

That restriction, sacrifice, and misery are the price we must pay to feel confident and comfortable in our skin.

That we need to do more, be more, accomplish more in order to feel valued and worthy.

It’s these beliefs, not the food, that are keeping you spinning your wheels with your health goals.

After all, if diets, rules, and restriction were the answer, would 95% of them fail?



  • Having a totally new mindset around health and food, one that allowed you to radiate confidence now, and no longer feeling like your self-worth is tied to what you ate that day.

  • You have honed your intuition and mindfulness skills, and can be fully present for all the dinners, vacations, and milestones in your life without stressing over food because you know how to navigate balance with ease.

  • Finally understanding what is actually going to work for you and your goals long-term, so you can say goodbye to self-sabotage and never have to say “I’ll start on Monday” again.


Food freedom isn’t a fairytale.

let’s make it your reality.

effortless eating is A 1:1 transformational coaching program to help you ditch the food struggle for good, and finally make food freedom a reality.


Hi, I’m Erin, and I’m here to help you make healthy eating feel effortless.

I’ve done the calorie counting. The smoothie cleanses. Spent countless hours stressing over my body and feeling like a total failure every time I couldn’t stick to a plan. Even getting certified in holistic nutrition didn’t help.

Turns out, I didn’t need to find the right rulebook. I needed to throw the whole thing out. And once I did, the whole game changed. Now I help my clients learn the same method that worked for me so they too can find lasting food freedom.

It’s time to ditch the rules that have been holding you back and do the inner work.

Because if being told exactly what and what not to eat hasn’t worked for you before, why would yet another meal plan be the solution this time?

Over the next 4 months we are going to dig deep and go beyond what we are putting in our mouths to pay attention to what's going on inside our body and mind. And obviously we are going to make the process delicious, too.


“My relationship with food has completely changed... I will never go on a diet again.” — Thera s.


This program will transform you from struggling to unstoppable by tackling the pieces that truly matter:

Mind Icon.png
Mind Icon-2.png
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Uncover and overhaul the beliefs that are holding you back, learn to cultivate a mindset that breaks you out of your old patterns, and break up with diet mentality for good.


Learn to tap into the body’s natural signals and strengthen your intuition to become your own expert, and establish a new relationship of love and respect for yourself and your body.


Discover what truly works best for your body and define your own vision for health and moderation, while integrating foods that both satisfy and support your overall wellbeing.


The end result? Lasting Food freedom


What’s Included: 

-       Welcome pack upon enrollment so we can dive right into the process during your first session

-       1 x 90-minute deep dive strategy session to uncover exactly where you are blocked and set goals for your four month journey

-       11 x 60-minute 1:1 weekly coaching sessions over Skype

-       Email support in-between sessions for questions, clarifications and accountability. I’m here for you!

-       Tailored recipes so you can make healthy meals you actually love eating, plus additional resources to help set you up for lasting success

-       Most importantly, your plan is completely customized to your unique needs, focussing in on the areas where you need the most support




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