Does this sound familiar?

  • You see all these gorgeous veggie bowls on instagram, thinking that if your meals could be that creative you would have no problem eating healthy

  • You wander through the grocery store wishing you could change it up, but end up buying the same five things once again

  • You find a recipe that looks promising, only to realize you don't have half the things you need and end up spending $150 to make a single meal

  • You stock up on some healthy produce, only to have no idea how to use it and end up throwing it all out at the end of the week

  • You try to prep healthy meals at home, but if you have to make plain chicken breast and salad one more time you are going to scream

  • You want to make healthy eating a consistent habit, but are seriously bored with the same old meals and NEED HELP

You're ready to start making meals that make you feel amazing. Ready to rock that meal prep and and create food that is both healthy AND delicious. The only problem?

You have no idea what you are doing.  

Trust me: I know it can be overwhelming. What tools do I need? What pantry staples should I have on hand? How do I build meals that are both healthy AND taste good? How will I ever be able to do this without a recipe? When I first started getting my nutrition game together I had zero clue what I was doing in the kitchen. But I've been able to not only go from zero kitchen skills to being a private chef for C-level executives and media personalities, but also take countless numbers of my private health coaching clients through the steps to turn them into healthy kitchen superstars, too.

Imagine being able to come home from a long day at work with a fridge full of healthy options that you actually want to eat. Being able to look in the fridge and throw together a quick and delicious dish with whatever leftover ingredients you have kicking around. Knowing how to customize and experiment with recipes to create new favourites. Consistently fuelling your body with healthy food because getting in the kitchen is an absolute breeze (and the meals you create actually satisfy you).

I'm going to show you all that and more with my four week course: Effortless Cooking.


Effortless Cooking is a 4 week self-study course that will teach you the ins and outs of a healthy meal, while also giving you the skills you need to back it all up. You will get access to video trainings for each module, workbooks with assignments to keep you accountable, bonus recipes, and access to a private members only Facebook group where you can ask questions and get inspired.

Here's what we will cover:



  • Learn the building blocks of a healthy plate and how to customize based on your own dietary needs and preferences

  • Learn how to piece together healthy meals that satisfy whether eating out or at home


  • Learn how to upgrade common ingredients to healthier versions

  • Learn the ins and out of how recipes work so you can make your own substitutions and start improvising


  • Learn the components of flavour and how to use healthy ingredients to enhance taste profiles

  • Learn how to build and adjust flavour like a pro

MODULE 4: Putting it together

  • Combine nutrition fundamentals with your new flavour building skills to start creating and experimenting with your own dishes


BONUS MODULE: Prepping like a pro

  • Learn how to make meal prep plans that will actually work for your schedule, goals, and needs each and every week

  • Learn my favourite shortcuts, tips, and tricks for making meal prep effortless

Each module contains video trainings, resources, and assignments to keep you accountable and get you putting your skills to practice. No longer will getting in the


This course is for anyone who:

-  is looking to learn the fundamentals of healthy eating and crush their health goals 

- wants more confidence in the kitchen and to be able to throw together meals without a recipe

- is tired of feeling overwhelmed when it comes to cooking 

- wants to feel better and have more energy by upgrading their nutrition game

- is done wasting money on takeout and delivery 

- wants the skills to make absolutely delicious meals that fuel their health



Option 1:

- Weekly modules for 4 weeks (plus a bonus module!) 

- Video trainings and handouts for each module

- Weekly assignments to keep you accountable 

- Loads of resources, recipes, and content that I don't share anywhere else

- Access to a private facebook group for members only

Investment: $147

Option 2: VIP Option

- All of the resources, content, and support that you get in Option 1 


- Two 1:1 hour long coaching sessions with yours truly to strategize, create customized game plans and recipes, and give you access to coaching and resources tailored to your specific goals, preferences, and needs ($400 value)

Investment: $497

*please note that you will be prompted to create a profile for course access before completing your purchase



As a culinary nutrition expert, I have the nutrition background and culinary skills to help you navigate healthy eating and making it delicious and easy throughout the process.

As a health coach and private chef, I understand how to create delicious, customized delicious meals that take my clients' health next level. 

As a former financial analyst and corporate operations manager, I understand the difficulties of navigating a busy professional and social life while making getting in the kitchen a priority.

And as someone who used to feel totally overwhelmed in the kitchen, I know exactly where you are at, and understand what tools and support you need to move forward and gain confidence in the kitchen. 


So are you ready to feel confident, have more energy, and finally get serious about taking control of your health by getting in the kitchen? 

Four Week Course + BONUS MODULE