Hi, I'm Erin, a transformational health coach who helps high achievers ditch the food confusion roller coaster so they can finally get out of their own way and stop putting their dreams on hold. 

My specialty is helping my clients uncover what foods truly nourish their unique needs and establish a new mindset around health and food so they can finally stop worrying about their food choices, break free from diet culture, and bring joy back to their meals, all while making healthy eating habits an effortless reality -- for life


I had all the right knowledge, but WAS STILL STUCK IN THE SAME OLD PATTERNS.

After getting my culinary nutrition certification, I was armed with the knowledge and skills, but no idea how to actually make healthy eating a habit that would stick for good without relying on meal plans and prep schedules. I felt like if I wasn't eating 100% perfectly according to whatever nutrition "rules" were hot at the moment, I was failing. 

I may have had all the right information, but what I was missing was so much deeper.

It's when I realized I needed to dig deep on my mindset, start learning to work with my body instead of against it, and actually learn to start trusting my intuition that I was finally able to break free from food stress and stop wasting my energy worrying about calories and meal prep. I was finally able to understand that health was about so much more than following the right "rules" or making sure I got my weekly quota of green smoothies.

Now I use that knowledge to help my clients not only nourish their bodies with delicious, health supportive foods, but discover how to make lifelong healthy eating truly effortless so they can ditch the struggle and stop putting off living the life of their dreams. 



Are you ready to make healthy eating a reality for life?


"I have let go of the guilt surrounding my food, and I’m starting to make healthy choices because I want to and not because I feel like I have to. I have never been able to stick to a plan, but Erin’s approach is completely different. Her focus on mindfulness has changed the way I see and feel about my food. I am AMAZED with my progress so far. I never thought I would feel excited about being healthy, but Erin and her program have truly inspired me!"

-- Stephanie A.

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"Having Erin as a personal chef actually saved us money. Not only that, we ate the healthiest we ever have, had more time to spend together and actually enjoyed eating healthy. Our version of a healthy meal went from chicken and rice to vegan truffled mac and cheese and chocolate chip banana bread. It was so amazing to go into our fridge and have multiple delicious and nutritious options to choose from. We also loved that we could request a healthy version of our favourite meals. 

If you want to eat the healthiest you ever have, have more personal time and actually enjoy healthy eating, you need to work with Erin. You'll also gain an amazing friend in the process."

-- Sophie Gray,


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